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Centrepiece Productions is the production company for the combined artistic talents of Tahlia and Chris Newland. It was originally created in 1986 to produce their unique Visual Theatre that used masks in performance plus comedy, striking images, evocative music and the drama of mystery and surprise. They produced shows for both children and adults and toured extensively in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Since 2003 the company has focused on producing masks for use in schools and they launched their publishing company Catapult Press in October 2011. Catapult Press publishes books to entertain and enlighten.

The managers in 1986.

The team

Tahlia and Chris’s creative partnership has always produced unique and inspiring work. Chris  (BSC Hons, Dip Ed) created the music, sets and props for the Visual Theatre while Tahlia (NZ Trained Teacher’s Certificate) wrote the scripts, publicity copy and designed the artwork, masks & costumes. Tahlia taught Dance, Art and Video at Albion Park High School for 5 years, and Chris now composes psybient music when he isn’t teaching at Kiama High School.

Apart from the occasional casual teaching day, Tahlia has been writing almost full time since 2007, and her fiction carries on the couple’s tradition of creating art that is unique and inspiring.  Centrepiece Productions employs freelance professionals to assist with the Catapult Press publishing program.  Art and Communications student, Rose Newland  does their cover design.

Tahlia was also responsible for setting up the Awesome Indies, a website dedicated to promoting indie books that meet the same standards as mainstream books. You can find out more about Tahlia on her author website

Centrepiece Productions
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