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First, we have to ask, what is the essence of mind? Because we can’t find it if we don’t know what we’re looking for. Here are some ways to describe it that might help you get the idea.

  • ·        It’s not thoughts and emotions, it’s the clear open space that they come from.
  • ·        It’s beyond the conceptual mind.
  • ·        It’s spacious, clear and responsive
  • ·        It feel great – peaceful, emotionally satisfying and very vibrant.

Second, we have to know where to find it. Put most simply, you can find it in the gap between thoughts.

Third, we have to learn how to find it.  There are several ways to go about this and I’ll start with the most simple. For these you need to be relaxed to start with.  Choose one and try it.

  • ·        Relax & release your mind.
  • ·        Drop your thoughts, like throwing a stone into a pool.
  • ·        Turn your mind inwards.
  • ·        Let your mind settle.
  • ·        Leave your mind in the gap between your thoughts.
  • ·        Do an activity that takes you away from your thoughts, then just sit in a relaxed way but with a straight spine and simply be.

You might get a taste of a peaceful open state; most likely it won’t last long and that’s okay, just do it again and again. Try different ways and see which one works best for you. Maybe none of them do or maybe they don’t today but they might tomorrow. If your mind is too wild to enter this creative space, check out my next post for other ways.

How do you find your creative space?