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Hi. The Teacher’s T-Party blog is where teachers can rant about the challenges of their jobs and process the stuff that comes up when you’re standing in front of a class. In particular I’ll be sharing tips for how to stay sane in this demanding job.

I began teaching in 1976 and I left a year later. In 1988 I was back in schools, travelling from one to the other as a performer, and in 2003 I went back to teaching High School full time. A couple of years ago I became a casual teacher and I wouldn’t still be doing it if I didn’t know how to stay sane. The things I learned to keep myself on the happy side of sane, I learned through studying Buddhism and through working at a tough school for a few years, (not as tough as some but tough enough for me). I hope you’ll find them helpful and that you’ll share your thoughts freely.

As far as I see it, the biggest challenge to teachers today is discipline and unfortunately it’s not an issue that is taught at the Diploma of Education level in this country. I trained in NZ as a primary school teacher and we learned a bit about it because we had the luxury of a three year training. Even so, I struggled that first year out and I imagine that most young teachers do.

There are methods that you can presumably get from other places, things like making the lessons interesting, being consistent and that kind of thing, but what you’ll get here are mostly tips on attitude. How you can view your world and the other people in it in a way that will make handling them easier and make you more effective as a teacher and happier as a person.

I’ll be posting at least once a week  and I hope you’ll join me. You can subscribe and get the posts sent to you by email, you can get an RSS feed sent to your google or yahoo home page, or you can follow me on Twitter and get notified of updates that way. I’ll also be talking about masks and other art related stuff sometimes too and occasionally books.

What topics would you like  to discuss?