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Top of the pecking order. Pantalone is money, controls all the money and so

his orders have to be obeyed. The employer and the father.  Old man’s stoop. Feet

together, toes apart, knees bent and facing apart.. Bullying,   aggressive and mean

minded. Power is only in his purse.


Little Zanni walk, but smaller steps. Only walks at one pace. Active head, feet

and hands. Hands flutter continuously, the only way he can stop this is to hide

them behind his back.


High pitched chicken squawk voice. Pantalone operates on the assumption that

everything can be bought or sold and this turns out to be true with the exception

of loyalty and love. Also loves money for is own sake. Always wants to marry

his daughter to a wealthy man so he doesn’t have to pay a dowry. Slips into

emotional extremes when things don’t go his way. Has a long memory and never

forgets or forgives. Mean, lecherous and indulgent to himself. Typically is

an impediment to the action.