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Arlecchino is generally a Servant, second Zanni to Brighella. Like all Zanni, he has a lowered stance, wide and turned out but flat on the floor, elbows bent, arms in a jug-handle position  or hands on hips with thumb in belt. He also has a three-time walk with little tip toe steps. In the big step Zanni walk, the arms and legs circle. When Arlecchino spots something the mask moves first , then he hops round into a gesture of greeting or whatever. Quick physically and slow mentally. He has expressive fingers.

Is either silent or speaks continuously. Always knows, never the looser. Never

short of a solution, but can only entertain one idea at a time and never contemplates

the consequences of an action or learns from an experience. Responds to everything,

in a way that takes on apocalyptic proportions and then forgotten entirely,

until the next time.  In love with Columbine, but his sexual appetite is immediate in

terms of any  passing woman.


Hatches schemes that rarely work out as planned. Complications of plot often

come from his refusal to admit his shortcomings -illiteracy for example. Possibly

the world’s worst messenger because something is bound to happen along the way

that is of more interest than delivering the message.