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  First Zanni. Little boss, the keeper of an inn or a shop keeper, jack of all

  trades. Can instruct someone of higher status than himself. Never a victim.

  Stands flat feet, ballet first position, knees slightly bent, belly forward

  or weight on bent leg, other extended. Elbows up, shoulders relaxed. Feet move

  constantly as if the floor were red hot. Hands behind back or one forward as

  for a waiter’s napkin.

  All Zanni walks plus one in which the torso bends from side to side and the

  head stays vertical. Small steps, shoulder down as hip goes up. Knees open outwards.

  Hands as if flicking flies from the knees. Lithe cat like movements, can seem

  to disappear in nooks and corners.

  Melodious voice. Exploitative nature. Guides the action of the comedy, stirs

  it up with intrigues and gives it movement. Astute, ready for anything, humorous,

  quick witted. Capable of intrigue, deceit. Likes a good time but is also a criminal.

  Amoral rather than evil. Appears relaxed and calm until his schemes hot up then

  he reverts to the urgency of Zanni. An observer, amateur psychologist, spy.

  Cynical, unscrupulous, never repents, crafty, bold, a habitual liar who looks

  out only for himself. Thrives on intrigues, quarrels and secrets.

Always hungry  and thirsty and will go to enormous lengths of trickery or theft, just for one

  titbit. Will do anything to make money and once he has it will spend it on self

  indulgence until it is all gone. Attitude to women the same and has a rakish

  attraction and is very persuasive. Sings, dances and plays the mandolin.